Rainbow Six Siege’s next technical test server includes changes to Kapkan, Blitz and automatic weapon recoil

Ubisoft Montreal has revealed new changes to Rainbow Six Siege, with two operators getting buffed and the game’s recoil patterns being changed in a new patch appearing on technical test servers (TTS) on Wednesday, September 20. 

Kapkan has been sped up, moving from a 3 armour / 1 speed operator to a pacier 2/2. He’s also got “upgraded” traps that are non-lethal, but don’t have the telltale red laser, making it easier for him to hide them. He’s also got more of the traps. 

Ubisoft Montreal has been making Kapkan’s traps harder to detect, with an earlier patch removing the massive spike that used to penetrate through a doorway. This change brings Kapkan and his traps into line with the recent influx of traps that entered the game with Blood Orchid’s release.

Blitz has also received a long awaited change. It’s a minor change, but could prove crucial, with Blitz now able to move faster with his shield raised. This keeps with Blitz’s toolset, and should allow him to safely lead his team into an objective, but y’know, faster. 

Montagne previously got a buff that made him nearly immune to explosives as long as he has his shield up. This made Montagne too strong a pick in terms of shield operators, and so this buff to Blitz, if it’s worthwhile, could go a long way to making the choice of shield operators a bit less one-sided again.

Recoil is due to be changed too with most automatic weapons in the game being given a new recoil pattern. These patterns are a work in progress, according to a post on the TTS subreddit, but the team are still eager to get to work on revamping the game’s recoil.

The TTS patch will also add four icons to the upper right corner of the screen to donate the quality of ping, connection stability, fps and host stability. 

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