Riot finally allows its on air talent to monetise their Twitch streams

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Riot is finally allowing its casters and analysts to monetise their personal streams and YouTube channels. 

Traditionally Riot has banned on air talent from doing this, meaning some of the biggest names in the scene couldn’t make any extra cash based on their streaming. 

However over the weekend Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels, a member of the EU LCS casting team, announced that he was again taking donations on Twitch and that he again had a subscribe button available. 

Riot then confirmed the rule change to Yahoo eSports, revealing that broadcast talent can have subscribers and accept donations but still cannot have sponsors or paid advertisements. 

Krepo is currently the only caster to have taken advantage of this new rule, which isn’t surprising given his massive following on Twitch, but others may now feel like streaming is worth their time.