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Riot to host a third international League of Legends competition

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During a press conference in China, Riot Games revealed that it plans to host a third international LoL tournament this year. 

According to Yahoo eSports, Rioter Ye Qiang revealed that the company will host a new international competition in July this year. Further details are not known but he did announce that it will not have the same format as the Mid Season Invitational or Worlds. 

“We are still considering what kind of event would be the most interesting for everyone,” said Ye Qiang. “For example, can we do a World Cup-type tournament? We hope LoL events can be more diversified, can satisfy our audience, and can give everyone a better player experience, so this is what we will target for the event this year in July. Wait and see.”

At the press conference for the LPL it was also revealed that Riot is interested in taking LPL matches on the road, and not hosting every match in its Shanghai studios. 

“Our LPL finals have already been held in different places, including Huangzhou and Guangzhou,” said Tencent representative Jin Yibo. “Because of the characteristics of a long-term season, if there isn’t a particularly large change, we can’t easily move our location. We will draw-up a long-term plan for games to be held all over the country.”