Rocket League anniversary event brings music, customisable engine noises

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Rocket League is celebrating its second birthday in July. Don’t worry if you forget to get them anything, because the car-based sports-em-up has you covered, with it’s anniversary event bringing a host of new features.

Firstly the event, launching on July 5, brings an end to Competitive Season 4 as the game rolls into Competitive Season 5. It’ll also feature a new arena named ‘Champions Field’, a modern-looking stadium for play in Competitive, Casual and Private matches.

There are also a variety of new chunks of delicious content that will give long-term players more customisation options and with Rocket League Radio adding 18 new songs to the game from record label Monstercat, something to listen to as well.

You can expect two new Import Battle-Cars, available in the new loot box ‘Overdrive Crate’, in addition to letting you customise your engine audio, goal explosions and trials for the first time. There are also new achievements and trophies, but it’s 2017, so we’ve all stopped caring about those, right?


The Rocket League community now boasts 31 million players, according to a press release distributed for the Anniversary update. They’ve played over 1.45 billion matches.