sOAZ and Amazing leave Origen

Both Paul “sOAZ” Boyer and Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider have left the Origen League of Legends team in search of new opportunities.

A statement released on the Origen website revealed that both players have decided to move on and look for other opportunities in the world of League of Legends.

The two players were both original members of the team that started in the Challenger Series last year and made it all the way to the semi final of the World Championship. This year has been more of a rough ride, as the team ended 2nd in the spring split but lost two players during the mid season break. A disappointing summer split saw them fight to stay in the LCS.

“It is really sad for me to separate from these two teammates that have given so much to me and Origen during the last two years,” said Origen owner and player Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez. “I want to thank them personally for believing in Origen and myself even before we qualified for challenger series. Thanks for all the memories we have shared together and I hope the best for both of you in the future.”

“After 2 years of being with Origen, and sticking with them through thin and thick, I finally feel comfortable leaving the project behind,” said Amazing. “Origen picked me up when a lot of other teams were unable see my exact worth, and I do have to thank them for giving me the opportunity to play amongst great players that had a lot more expertise than I did at the time in order to grow myself as a player and person.”

Origen will now be holding tryouts for all positions, with the current players that plan to remain with the team also being required to take part.

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