Speedrun marathon Games Done Quick releases schedule ahead of return this weekend

This weekend sees the return of the Summer version of Games Done Quick, and the semiannual speedrunning event has released its schedule, meaning you can decide which games you want to see ‘done quick’ 

It’s also a big deal for those in the games business, because it’s an event that’s getting increasingly popular each year, with donations — GDQ is primarily a charity event — and viewers getting higher and higher with each GDQ streaming marathon. 

The last two marathons have made over $1m for charity over the course of seven days of continuous streaming, with 2017’s Awesome Games Done Quick raising over $2m, and Games Done Quick as an event raising over $10m for various characters since 2011. This time the team behind GDQ, Speed Demos Archive, are raising money for Doctors Without Borders.

To assist the donations, there are various donation incentives, and the team and streamers are vocal about viewers chucking cash into the virtual hat if they’re enjoying the show. 

It all kicks off on Sunday July 2, at 12:30pm Eastern Time. It’ll run until the last game is beaten on July 9, planned to end around midnight. Look over the schedule, which will automatically detect your timezone and tell you when to check things out. 

I’ve personally got a fondness for an FPS chunk that’ll see streamers run through Half Life, Half Life 2, Dishonored 2 and 2016’s Doom over the course of about five hours, but there’s really something for everyone here, providing that everyone likes to watch speedrunners complete games really fast 

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