Speedrunner beats Zelda: Breath of the Wild in less than an hour

Zelda games are always popular in the speed running community, but Breath of the Wild has taken the scene by storm, with hundreds of runners trying to get the best time. 

Currently that best time is held by American gymnast86, who finished the game in 58 minutes and one second. His time was almost beaten by Orcastraw who was just five seconds behind. You can see gymnast86’s run below. 

Other members of the community have taken on the extra challenge of completing the game and all of the dungeons. The record for this run currently sits at around three hours and ten minutes. 

As Breath of the Wild has only been out for a few weeks at this point these runs are certainly not optimised and new tricks are constantly being discovered, so these times probably won’t stand for very long. However it is impressive when you consider the fact that most people are taking at least 20 hours to complete the game. 

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