Stanislaw leaves OpTic Gaming, rumoured to join Team Liquid

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Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz has left the OpTic Gaming CS:GO team after a disappointing run at the ELEAGUE Major. 

Stanislaw is considered one of, if not the, best in game leader in North America, and OpTic were considered the best NA team after winning ELEAGUE Season 2 and taking second at ECS. However an unlucky draw gave them a tough run at the major that saw them come in second to last place. 

Slingshot eSports reports that he will now join Team Liquid, with Spencer “Hiko” Martin going in the other direction. 

Many have speculated why the move has happened, especially with OpTic finally being a top tier team and the reason most have come up with is that he was offered a big money deal that could see him become the best paid player in North America. After all good in game leaders are near impossible to find in the region, so it is not unfeasible.