Stanislaw reveals that arguments led to him being benched from Team Liquid

Shortly after it was announced that Lucas ‘Steel’ Lopes would be replacing Peter ‘Stanislaw’ Jarguz in Team Liquid’s active roster, Jarguz took to Twitter to share his side of the story.

Jarguz posted his account on Twitlonger, starting: “I was brought into Team Liquid to bring success with my leadership capabilities, but I leave the team in a disappointing manner after playing some of the worst CS I have ever played throughout the past few months.”

Jarguz’s view on the situation is illuminating as a look at what went on behind a surprising roster change for the Counter-Strike scene. He paints a picture of a serious personality clash between himself and coach Wilton ‘zews’ Prado, marked with constant disagreements and a poor working relationship.

“Throughout my whole time on Liquid, I felt like I was really the only one who disagreed with Zews on his ideas and the way he wanted to run things,” Jarguz said in his post.

“I feel that I was setup to fail from the very start. I was brought into Team Liquid to be a leader, but I believe that they already had a leader in Zews.”

This is written from Jarguz’s perspective, and he said that the atmosphere in the team was worsening significantly throughout his tenure, with the arguments worsening between himself and Prado.

Jarguz joined the team in February, and his post on Twitlonger seems to indicate he doesn’t expect to be returning from Team Liquid’s bench into active play.

“I should have worked things out with Zews before they got this bad, but I allowed it to continue and ruin the atmosphere in the team. I’m disappointed to be leaving but I am also happy to be able to start fresh and move on,” Jarguz said.

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