StarCraft 2 pro disqualified from Starleague for alleged harassment of female streamer

A StarCraft 2 pro, Yum ‘Sea’ Bo Sung has been disqualified from South Korea’s Afreeca Starleague season four, for inappropriate behaviour while streaming. 

Bo Sung, who was drinking at the time of the alleged incidents, was recorded live on his stream touching a female South Korean livestreamer repeatedly. Later, this progressed to Bo Sung punching the woman twice before a bystander intervened. The footage is on South Korean news outlet Naver, but be warned there’s a woman getting punched and touched by Bo Sung.

Bo Sung has admitted that he’s been banned for six days from Afreeca Starleague season four, claiming that three days were handed out for ‘throwing up on stream’ and three for assaulting the other streamer. It seems like a light punishment considering the grim nature of the offence, but it does mean that Bo Sung can’t compete in the group stage, meaning he’ll have to forfeit his spot to Park ‘Killer’ Joon Oh. The tournament has a $88,500 prize pool, so Bo Sung is losing out in a big way. 

Bo Sung has claimed this has been taken out of context to make him look bad. 

“I am close friends with her (the female BJ), and we streamed many times together.” said Bo Sung in his statement. “The concept of the broadcast, when we streamed, was that I would try to touch her, she would punch me in response, and that would continue. That was the concept.

The said video that’s floating around the internet was part of the concept, and it was nothing sexual. In fact, after the article was posted, my friend (the female BJ) messaged me saying that she was worried for me and asked if there’s anything she could do to help out.

For the part where I looked like I was "assulting" her, I hit her in the elbow two times, and she threw ice cold water at my face, everyone laughed, and the atmosphere was pretty good.”

On his post, translated as with the rest of these quotes via Reddit, Bo Sung has said that this is his last Afreeca Starleague before he turns 30. This could very well by an ignoble end to Bo Sung’s career. 

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