Starcraft II launches free-to-play edition, takes a pop at loot boxes

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The free-to-play future of Starcraft 2 promises on-stage at Blizzcon has arrived, with players now able to get their hands on the Wings of Liberty campaign and multiplayer for the low low price of nothing.

Players can get their hands on the Wings of Liberty campaign for free, and will have access to all of the game’s multiplayer and skirmish options including the Ranked ladder, although the ladder only opens up after ten wins to keep the experience enjoyable.

But wait, there’s more. If you’ve already bought Wings of Liberty, you have a free copy of Heart of the Swarm waiting for you on Battlenet. Go claim it now.

Starcraft has celebrated by subtweeting Star Wars Battlefront II and recent discourse about loot boxes on Twitter, which is a bold marketing strategy, but nowhere near as harsh as many of the insults currently being thrown at Battlefront II by entitled and furious fans.

It's probably a bit mean but then again, free Starcraft 2!