Tempo Storm already on the hunt for Overwatch teams

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Some of the world’s top eSports teams are actively recruiting for teams to compete in Blizzard’s upcoming competitive shooter Overwatch.

The Daily Dot reports that Tempo Storm made an offer to the world’s most successful Team Fortress 2 group Froyotech, about the formation of an Overwatch team.

A two-year deal was allegedly offered, although it came without a base salary - instead Tempo Storm proposed payment according to performance targets. Froyotech turned down the deal, most likely because it fancies its chances and believes it can secure better terms elsewhere.

Tempo Storm is also said to have contacted Reason Gaming, which also turned it down.

All of which is great news for Activision Blizzard. That the likes of Tempo Storm are already recruiting for Overwatch, the closed beta for which kicks off today, is a big vote of confidence. It’s an ideally timed one, too, considering the recent news that Activision is launching a dedicated eSports division headed by the former CEO of ESPN and the co-founder of MLG.