The Dallas Cowboys are looking to enter eSports

The Dallas Cowboys may not have been able to make it past the Packers last week, but there is some seemingly good news coming from the Cowboys camp. They are looking to invest in eSports. 

In an interview with AdAge, Matt O’Neil, senior VP of brand marketing for the Dallas Cowboys said that the team has been looking at eSports for over a year and would like to enter the scene. 

"When it comes to something like eSports, it makes so much sense for us because we’re such a sales driven organization," said O’Neil. "If we thought we could buy a team for — gimme a number — $2 million, $3 million, $5 million or whatever, but get $7 million in sponsorship deals over the next couple years it becomes a no-brainer. Whether or not eSports thrives long term, if we felt we could make that money today, then let’s go."

Traditionally NFL teams have stayed away from eSports, while their colleagues in the NBA have jumped in head first. If the Cowboys did end up buying a team they would be the first NFL team to do so. 

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