Twitch celebrates Prime in 200 new territories with fancy PUBG swag

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To celebrate Twitch Prime’s expansion to 200 new territories, Twitch and Bluehole have teamed up to offer exclusive cosmetic items in the South Korean developer’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Only Twitch or Amazon Prime subscribers can get their hands on the loot, which consists of a t-shirt, balaclava, jeans and a pair of edgy boots that are all emblazoned with Twitch branding.

Those who find the idea of cladding yourself in Twitch-branded clothing before destroying your foes can claim them with a valid Prime account from June 9th on the Twitch Prime page.

The clothes not your scene? You might want to claim them anyway. The pre-order/Kickstarted bonus clothes for the game are currently going for over $500 on the Steam marketplace, with individual parts selling off for anywhere between $100-$200 each. What threads you’re wearing in Battlegrounds seems to be important, and people are paying big money to look fly.