Twitch stream gives viewers $50,000 to invest on the New York stock market

In what is perhaps the strangest Twitch Plays yet, someone has set up a bot that lets Twitch chat invest $50,000 on the New York stock exchange.

Stock Stream has been set up with $50,000, with donations also adding to that total. This $50,000 is then invested in the stock market with the chat voting on which shares to buy.

Viewers simply type the name of the stock they wish to purchase into Twitch chat and the stock with the most votes at the end of the short voting period will be purchased. Twitch chat can then vote to sell the stocks, hopefully for a profit, in the same way.

Voting will reward you with points based on how the stock does. Make some money and you gain points, lose some money and you loose points. There is a high score tablet and everything.

The stream is set to go on everyday when the stock exchange opens, and will make around 75 trades each day. The stream will end if the $50,000 investment goes below $25,000.

It might not be as exciting as Dota or League, but it sure is a novel way of using Twitch.

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