Ubisoft test improved servers for Rainbow Six Siege on Technical Test Servers

Ubisoft is testing out upgraded servers for Rainbow Six Siege on the game’s Technical Test Servers.

This comes from a Reddit post from community manager Matt Shotcha.

“During the last two months we redesigned our systems to support a different scheme of CPU partitioning over the new generation of game servers.” said Shotcha.

“We are now ready to test upgraded servers on the TTS. We need to be absolutely certain that the new servers being introduced have gone through sufficient testing. With the next TTS, we will be collecting enough data and will be able to evaluate the performance and make the necessary changes to go ahead with a larger deployment.”

The TTS opens today, on Thursday. Shotcha has mentioned that it’s essential for the server changes to be completely ready before they’re released, and with that in mind there’s no expected date for them coming to the game proper. It’ll come when it’s ready.

Justin Kruger, a community developer for the team, mentions in the thread that the purpose of the new servers is to improve quality and consistency, but also to allow developers to host more game sessions on a single server, which should bring sweeping improvements to stability, tick rate and latency.

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