Valve rework the Five-SeveN as part of sweeping changes to pistols

Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team has reworked the Counter-Terrorist’s Five-SeveN pistol in a new patch.

Valve’s stated intention with the pistol reworks is “the goal of emphasising skillful use of the weapons”, and after the Tec-9 rework, the Five-SeveN is up on the blocks for changes, as seen in this press release.

The Five-SeveN has been changed to “reward tactical positioning and defensive play.” and it seems that while the Tec-9 has been reworked to reward tap firing and offensive movements, The Five-SeveN has slightly improved accuracy when dumping a magazine, while the weapon has ‘substantially reduced accuracy while moving’

This means it’ll be easier to hold a bomb site on an eco round, but tougher to run around the place spraying.

Feedback on the subreddit at the moment is largely negative. The response to the Tec-9 changes were the same originally though, and those changes have now been relatively well recieved.  While at the moment fans are crying out about the Five-SeveN now being a $500 M4, it’s too early to make comments on balance changes until it’s been on the client for a while, and the pros have played a tournament with the changes in the game. That could be the upcoming NY qualifiers, so keep your eyes peeled for a whole team full-buying just Five-SeveNs, which would be a strong indicator there’s a balancing issue.

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