Valve tease two new heroes at Dota 2 International

Valve have announced two new heroes for MOBA Dota 2.

The announcement came from The International, Dota 2’s biggest tournament of the year, and showed off two new characters, a zorro-esque mammal of some kind, and a red-skinned fairy, both of which will be coming in the forthcoming Dueling Fates update.

There’s no date on when the Dueling Fates update might actually surface, but the introduction of two new heroes to the meta at once is a rare occurrence for Dota 2, a game that hasn’t seen a new hero since December 2016.

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Digging around for more information reveals the existence of Sylph, referred to in Dota 2’s code back in May this year. Sylph was datamined and appears to be some sort of spellcaster, and as a result is probably the red skinned fairy as opposed to the Zorro-esque mammal first shown in the trailer.

More info on Dueling Fates when Valve reveal it.

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