Valve’s first monster VAC ban wave arrives, banning nearly 5000 Steam accounts

Yesterday saw the first big VAC ban wave of 2017, as Valve brought the hammer down on nearly 5,000 Steam accounts after detecting a number of new cheat programs for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The eagle-eyed team at Dot Esports noticed the spike, which mostly affected users on Linux and Windows according to complaints on Reddit and statistics from

As usual, Valve haven’t commentated on this ban, but anecdotal evidence, most of it again collated from Dot Esports, suggests that seven providers and the cheats they put forwards were affected, with 4,471 bans being handed out.

On a normal day, you can expect a few hundred bans, rarely more than 1000.

Check out the full story at Dot Esports, including some eye-watering stats on the CS:GO skins lost by players that were a bit naughty. Estimations are that nearly $5000 in skins was lost.

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