Vodafone Spain to launch new esports focused Twitch channel this Friday

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Vodafone Spain will launch an esports channel on streaming service Twitch this Friday, entitled eSports Vodafone.

The channel, currently exclusive to Twitch, will broadcast content from 16:00 to 00:00 Spanish time and feature a variety of gaming news, entertainment and general interest programs well-suited for fans of esports, or those looking to get involved in competition themselves.

The news was broken by Spanish news outlet El Mundo, where Vodafone Spain's brand director Cristina Barbosa talked about some of the risk's, including literacy:

"And if the thing works, do not rule out betting on a broader format, even making the leap to television." You have to do an educational work because, the moment you know Something, it hooks you. I compare it to Master Chef. We did not know what caramelizing or liquid hydrogen was, but now all of Spain knows it. Something like that has to be done (with esports)."

Several shows are planned, and esports communications professional Jen Herranz is on board to help with the programming and marketing around the Twitch channel. It's believe all of the broadcasting will be in Spanish language.