Warface to get battle royale mode

It’s been a week or since a shooter has revealed its own battle royale mode, but to save us from panic, Crytek’s Warface has announced it’s own fight-to-the-death-with-scavenged-weapons ‘em up mode that will enter the Warface with the next update.

Warface’s update seems to include all of the staples of the growing battle royale genre, including a muddy brown fog seen in the teaser video below. You can also expect scavenging, and a fight to be the last man standing, a weird fit for a game that until now has largely been focused on small-scale PVP and PVE competitive engagements.

Indeed, PCGamesN have found footage of the Russian version of the game, where the battle royale mode is already live, and it seems that each match will have just 16 players duking it out, making it more of a battle compact, in all honesty.

Warface doesn’t come up much here, being primarily a PVE shooter, but the launch of a battle royale mode for the game is likely to see interest in the game spike somewhat amongst streamers and players, especially as the game is currently available for free.

There’s no set date for the update to release, but the addition is apparently only temporary at this stage, the first steps in testing the game to see if it works for Warface.

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