Wargaming’s Blitz Twister Cup takes place this weekend

Four teams will compete at this weekend’s tournament final of the 2017 Blitz Twister Cup, which fans can watch live online.

The competition, taking place on November 11th, centres around Wargaming’s free-to-play World of Tanks: Blitz, which can be downloaded across assorted smartphone formats. Four regions will take part – Russia (C4), Europe (Legion), Asia (EHR2) and North America (Blitzkrieg). It’s being held at the Minsk Prime Hall.

The 1st place team will net $15k, with the runners up $8.5k, 3rd place $4k and 4th place $2.5k. Bushka will be commentating for English audiences, with Tortik, Sim_Saladin, and Deselver handling Russian duties.

Each individual map will take the form of a seven-minute Supremacy one-on-one between two teams of seven. Players will be restricted to mobile devices, with the winner decided by best of three. Maps will be chosen by drawing lots.

The top prize will be decided by a best-of-seven skirmish.

The action kicks off at 1:30pm GMT.

The action can be watched live here. And here’s a trailer:

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