We opened 51 Hearthstone Knights of the Frozen Throne packs, here’s the low down on what you might get

Hearthstone’s Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion is out, and to celebrate, we opened 51 card packs from the expansion to see what came out.

My wrists hurt from opening all of those cards, and I found myself six adorable Snowflipper Penguins, each less adorable than the last. Our 50 packs were provided by Blizzard, but picking up 40 packs will cost you $49.99 while 60 will set you back $69.99. These results aren’t guarenteed for you, you could get much worse or much better, depending on the RNG. 

In 51 card packs, you get a massive 255 cards from the new expansion. Using a notepad, a piece of paper and a dream, I opened all 51 packs, earning 163 common cards, 62 rare cards, 23 epic cards, three legendaries and four shiny cards.

Roughly, this means 64 per cent of all cards we got were common and 24 per cent were rare. There wasn’t a single card pack we opened that didn’t have a rare in it, with several having more than one.

It’s much harder to pick up anything rarer than that however, with the 23 Epic cards achieved comprising just 9 per cent of all cards opened, while legendary cards make up around 1 per cent.

This isn’t hard science, of course, more anecdotal proof from an idiot with time and a bunch of cards to open. The amount of Legendary cards opened was inflated however, with each player guaranteed a legendary card in their first 10 packs of a new deck, meaning over time this percentage will drop to just under 1 per cent.

Meanwhile, MCV Editor Seth Barton opened a single pack to get this. We haven’t included this in our statistics. 

He’s currently the least popular person in the office.

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