WESA releases details on its arbitration court

WESA has released the rules and guidelines of its arbitration court, in preparation for it to actually start functioning. 

The WESA arbitration court is designed to help solve disputes in the world of eSports, we knew that the court would see the two parties plead their case before thee independent judges. Each party can chose one judge, with those two judges then decided on the third independent judge. Interestingly these judges do not have to be legal professionals, although WESA strongly suggests that they are. 

Those who have an issue need to submit the grievance to both WESA and the people they have an issue with. Then the arbitrators will be decided and the parties will be able to plead their case in two rounds of written communication and finally on oral hearing. 

When the case has been heard the judges will make a decision that can not be argued with. These arbitration court rulings can be legally enforced in more than 150 countries worldwide. 

Chances are this court won’t be used all that much, and even if it is we probably won’t hear that much about it. However despite all the bad press WESA got this does seem like a good and important step and should help clear up issues in eSports.

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