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Mosaic 3DX

Mosaic 3DX

30th Oct 2013 - 31st Oct 2013

Location: Cambridge, UK
Venue: Microsoft Research
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Event Description

The work of artists, architects, scientists, engineers and gamers are not usually associated with one another, but that’s set to change as specialists from these disparate groups unite through their work in advanced 3D computer graphic, parallel computing and visualisation techniques at the inaugural Mosaic3DX conference and exhibition.

Mosaic3DX plans to bring users and developers of these technologies from the Entertainments, Science/Engineering, and Arts & Design industries to exchange knowledge and skills, whether it’s architects creating state-of-the-art modelling, medical innovators visualising robotic surgery, engineers predicting multi-phase flows or digital artists unlocking new perspectives on whatever spills out of their imaginations.

Highlights at the inaugural event that takes place include the second meeting of the standards body, Khronos Group’s UK chapter, led by Samsung R&D Institute UK, Unity 3D workshop and an Education panel that will debate the question: “Specialists or all-rounders: What sort of school leavers do we need?”

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