Polytron ships more copies in 48 hours than in first month on Xbox

Fez sells 100,000 on Steam

Fez sold over 100,000 copies in 48 hours in this year’s Steam summer sale.

The multiple award-winning title first appeared last year on Xbox Live, and did fairly well for itself before news of a save destroying bug spread.

The game’s creator, Phil Fish, released the game on Steam a few months ago, but sales were mediocre until Valve’s quarterly mega-sale.

“Ok, so our first Steam summer sale is over and it was BANANERS,” said Fish in a Twitter post.

"We sold more copies in the first 24 hours of the sale than we had on Steam in the first three months since release.”

At the end of 48 hours the game had sold 105,000 copies, which Fish says is more than it sold in its first month on Xbox Live.

While Fish admitted that half-off does affect his bottom line, he was clearly ecstatic to have so many more people playing the game and provided a graph to demonstrate just how much momentum the sale had generated.

Fez sold 200,000 copies in its first year on Xbox.

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