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FIFA! Battlefield! Forza! Illumiroom! All the latest rumours and facts about tonight’s Xbox reveal

In less than eight hours time Microsoft will reveal the successor to the Xbox 360… which leaves plenty of time for the guessing game to continue.

First off, we have a couple of confirmations, both from EA.

The publisher has announced that FIFA 14 will tonight be shown off for the first time running on next-gen hardware. The press were first shown the game last month, but it was never divulged what machine the game was running on.

DICE has also said that big announcements” are due today for Battlefield 4 – presumably at Microsoft’s event.

EA’s involvement is particularly interesting seeing as it had seemingly forged an alliance of sorts with Sony towards the end of the last generation. PS3 hardware was routinely used in press briefings and plenty of EA titles offered either exclusive content or timed exclusivity of content on Sony’s machine.

Don’t forget too that Activision’s Call of Duty: Ghosts will also feature heavily tonight. In fact, you might want to check MCVuk.com at around 7pm tonight if you’re a COD fan.

That’s all the tedious facts out of the way so let’s move on to the rumours shall we?

Siliconera has spotted a Microsoft trademark application for Forza Vista. No next-gen reveal would be complete without a racer, right?

Much of the industry had been quietly hoping for the long-awaited Project Gotham 5 reveal (MS has been touting that licence about behind the scenes for some time now) but a new Forza will do just nicely.

GameSpot also reports on word from fully qualified Microsoft tipster Paul Thurrott who reckons that the company’s impressive Illumiroom technology will feature as part of tonight’s reveal.

Expect plenty more speculation throughout the day. Lap it up – the games industry doesn’t get many days like this.

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