Outlet founder by former Blizzard dev reportedly suffers financial and legal woes over unreleased MOBA projects

Fireforge Games, studio behind Ghostbusters tie-in, files for bankruptcy

Fireforge Games has declared bankruptcy three days after releasing its Ghostbusters spin-off title.

Founded five years ago by former Blizzard dev Tim Campbell, the studio’s first (and, now, presumably last) full in-house release was Ghostbusters – although the studio worked on multiple MOBA projects with partners including Razer and Tencent.

As reported by Kotaku, the Ghostbusters tie-in likely has little to do with Fireforge’s downfall, as the company has been attempting to pay off more than $12 million in debt for the last month.

The majority of this sum comes from an alleged $11.3 million owed to Tencent, which owns 37 per cent of the developer and had been bankrolling an unreleased MOBA title, codenamed ‘Atlas’.

Fireforge had also run into legal trouble with Min Productions, owned by Min-Liang Tan, CEO of PC hardware firm Razer – which was planning to publish another MOBA from the studio, ‘Zeus’, until it too was cancelled.

Fireforge was accused of taking money provided for the development of Zeus and instead using it to create Atlas – a claim Fireforge denies.

That’s not it, however, as Fireforge is facing a separate legal battle with lawyer Richard Land, who claims the company inked a $3.7 million deal to use the Helios social media platform created by extinct dev 38 Studios before going back on the deal and recruited ex-38 staff to build its own version.

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