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Former Valve, PopCap developers form Temple Gates Games

Former Plants vs Zombies developers Tod Sample and Jeff Gates have split from their current positions at Valve to form new indie studio Temple Gates Games.

IGN reports that the pair have split amicably with Valve following a short stint serving as remote employees for the company.

"We were working for Valve in a remote office in San Mateo," Semple said. "It turned out that there weren’t many benefits for either side in that arrangement.

"Valve was super cool about it and is letting us continue to work on our game and is also giving us the office," Semple said. "So Jeff [Gates] and I are starting up a new company called Temple Gates Games."

Valve, for its part, echoed the sentiment:

"We were big fans of their prior work," a Valve spokesperson said. "We worked with them during their startup phase, but they’re independent now and still working on their game. We wish them the best of luck."

No word on what exactly the pair are currently working on, but perhaps a Temple Gates press release will surface soon.

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