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First title is an unnamed esports game to be revealed at GDC 2017

FreeStyleGames founders come together to create new studio, SlingShot Cartel

The original founders of FreeStyleGames have reunited to form a new studio SlingShot Cartel.

Jamie Jackson and Dave Osbourn are coming back together, and SlingShot Cartel are aiming to do something different, namely, the founders will be looking to create their design, story, vision, style and other project specifics before they look to bring in funding. The final stage in production will be to bring in a project-specific design team that’s "carefully selected" for each specific title.

"Building the new studio around a different business model allows us to maintain the creative vision of several titles simultaneously, with the freedom to explore new genres and platforms," said Jackson in a statement.

FreeStyleGames are best known as the studio behind Guitar Hero Live and they were recently acquired by Ubisoft and rebranded as Ubisoft Leamington. SlingShot Cartel will also be settling in Leamington Spa.

SlingShot haven’t revealed what they’re working on yet, but have said they’re currently working on two titles, and we’ll see the first, a currently unnamed esports title, at GDC 2017 at the end of February.

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