Games industry rounds on file sharers

HMV’s CEO Simon Fox has backed calls for Internet Service Providers to do more to prevent illegal downloading of copyright material.

Fox echoed statements made by Nintendo head of piracy Neil Boyd, who said ISPs are in an ideal position to deal with infringements.”

The Government last week introduced proposals that would see illegal downloaders disconnected from the net. The proposals were announced by Lord Mandelson’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

HMV welcome the Government’s recent statement on illegal P2P file-sharing, which recognises the important role that ISPs can play in addressing this critical issue,” Fox told MCV.

In our view, the Government’s position strikes a reasonable and fair balance in acknowledging the changing needs and aspirations of the consumer in what is an evolving technological landscape, whilst demonstrating its full commitment towards the creative industries and an understanding of the need to protect and support the invaluable role they play in our nation’s cultural and economic well-being."

UK ISP Talk Talk has said the recommendations are likely to breach fundamental rights”.

Virgin added it believed that persuasion not coercion” was the correct policy. It is estimated that there are six million file-sharers in the UK.

Leading peer-to-peer file sharing sites The Pirate Bay and Mininova were both threatened with court fines last week.

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