Capcom announce Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, free to all existing Street Fighter V owners

Capcom has announced the long rumoured Street Fighter V enhanced edition, entitled Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, after datamines and leaks revealed the game’s existence. 

The Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will be released worldwide on 16 January 2018, and given for free to all owners of Street Fighter V. 

The Arcade Edition includes 28 characters, including the 27 currently in the game and one final addition that will be announced “very soon.” Every character will be given a second V-Trigger that can be chosen before a match starts, too.

The Arcade Edition also adds an arcade mode, go figure. In a post on the PlayStation Blog Andy Wong, a social media specialist for Capcom, claimed: “his isn’t your cookie cutter version. Being the #1 requested addition to Street Fighter V, we’re making sure it’ll be an experience rather than just a mode” 

What this actually means remains uncertain at this stage, but fans of leathering cars and barrels will probably be in luck. 

This seems a decent package for fans or newcomers looking to buy into Street Fighter V for the first time, and scared off by the lack of content available at launch. It should also serve as a good ramp for Capcom to announce their plans for another year of Street Fighter V competitive action. 

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