CCP announces Sparc, a full-body VR sport

CCP, the developers behind EVE Online, have announced a new VR game called Sparc. 

The game is a full body sport that is played in virtual reality, which means you will have to move around a lot in real life to play it. From the trailer it looks kind of like a 1 vs 1 game of dodgeball, with a bit of a futuristic vibe. 

“After our early experiments with standing VR gameplay, we were excited by the idea of building an original sport designed for the current generation of VR hardware. We’ve designed Sparc so that players can express and improve their skill through their physical actions.” said Morgan Godat, Executive Producer at CCP Atlanta. “Ultimately, we want players to think of Sparc as a virtual court in their living room where they can meet and compete with other players from around the world.”

It will be interesting to see if any kind of competitive scene builds up around this, as with this much motion you really have to wonder if just going out and playing dodgeball would be the better idea. 

“At CCP games, our goal is to harness our passion for virtual reality as a new medium and create the killer apps for the first generation of VR technology,” said Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP Games. “We set out to achieve that in mobile VR with Gunjack and in seated VR with EVE: Valkyrie, both released in the first year of VR becoming publicly available. With Sparc, we want to capitalize on the unique strengths of standing VR and deliver a game with all the depth and excitement to keep players returning long into the future.”

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