Chinese League of Legends server only open to those ranked Diamond or above

A new League of Legends server has emerged in China, admitting only the chosen few that have attained Diamond rank in the game.

Currently, this prestigious server is only available in China, due to the game’s client operating differently in the region. While most regions will drop you straight into a server on start-up, in China, you’re given a choice about which server you join. According to reports, this new server only gives you access to those ranked Diamond, Master or Challenger, and you have to fill out an application, in Chinese, on the server’s website to join.

Get access to the server, and you’re immediately boosted to level 30 and handed 200,000 IP and 200,000 LP, with each ranked win granting you 1,000LP.

It seems the idea is to create a battleground for the most skilled players to compete, and although there aren’t any plans to bring this server, or something like it, to other regions yet, it would be a useful team for teams looking to practice in the off-season outside of official scrimmages and training sessions.

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