Counter-Strike: Global Offensive patch introduces Operation Hydra, nerfs UMP-45

A bumper Counter-Strike update has arrived, bringing a wealth of Operation Hydra stuff, and a significant nerf for the UMP-45 which could have a serious impact on the competitive scene.

Operation Hydra has introduced a variety of unique game modes that are available for a week at a time. This week is War Games, a set of twists on the gameplay, including heavy armour, low gravity, a variant of the classic ScoutzKnivez servers prevalent in 1.6 and also a game mode where every shot missed does damage to the person that fired it.

Later, there will be 2v2 matches and other changes. All of the above is available to everyone, including the UMP nerf which brings the damage over range down in line with other submachine guns. The range modifier is down from .85 to .75, with Dot eSports providing a convenient chart to show you exactly how that will affect you in a firefight.

There’s also seven new maps, four of which are brand new, and if you buy the Operation Hydra All Access Pass for a fiver then you have access to 30 missions that can be completed and replayed, with several of them in co-op.

There are also plenty of crates and drops for players looking to get cosmetic.

See the rest of the patch notes here. The headline change is the UMP change, and many will be eagerly looking to see if that changes anything at a competitive level.

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