Dust2 will no longer be played as a competitive CS:GO map

Valve has removed Dust2 from the active map pool in CS:GO, meaning it will no longer be played at a pro level. 

The latest patch to CS:GO has re added Inferno to the active map pool, after almost a year out of rotation that involved a significant rework. It’s addition meant one map had to go and Dust2’s time was up. The map will be reworked and may be added to the active map pool once the re work is complete. 

The move was somewhat expected as the Dust2 rework was teased back at ELEAGUE when the team shot at the Valve office and people noticed Valve staff working on the new version of the map. 

Many are happy with the change as Dust2 was arguably the most stable map in the pool. Games often felt very similar and it was heavily CT sided at the ELEAGUE Major. So a change is probably a good thing. 

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