Fan favourite Raiden zaps into Injustice 2

Mortal Kombat fan-favourite Raiden has arrived in Injustice 2, with the Lightning god bringing some of his special brand of snap, crackle and pop to the superhero bash ‘em up.

Raiden is the second Mortal Kombat mainstay to hop from Mortal Kombat to fellow NetherRealm Studios fighter Injustice 2, although he does come with a Premiere Skin that makes him appear instead as superhero Black Lightning, who can… control lightning.

Raiden is free to Ultimate or Digital Deluxe Injustice 2 owners, otherwise he’s available as part of Fighter Pack 2, which also delivers Black Manta and, later, Hellboy.

It’s hard to predict what will appear in a NetherRealms DLC pack, as Mortal Kombat X boasted both a Xenomorph and Jason Voorhees as downloadable fighters.

Each fighter makes the meta of the game, an immediate success on the esports circuit, increasingly more complex, and mixes things up. The Grand Final of the Injustice 2 Championship Series is in October.

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