GAMESCOM 2017: Two new weapons are coming to Battlegrounds, map-specific weapons could be coming in the future

Talking to Esports Pro today at Gamescom, Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene has confirmed that the next big content drop for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will bring not one but two new weapons to the game. 

While Greene wouldn’t reveal which exact weapons would be available for players to kill each other with, but has said that they’ll be map-spawn items, meaning players can get access to them without rushing for a care package. 

Speaking about the last two weapons, the dominant MK14 designated marksman rifle and the Groza bullpup assault rifle, Greene said they were added to crates both to make crates a more attractive proposition, with Greene stating plainly: “because no one wants to go for a crate when you’re probably just going to get a Tommy Gun”, but also because the weapons were so powerful that it seemed the best way to limit their impact in the game. 

Moving forwards, we’ll see many more weapons added to the map itself, including the possibility of map-specific vehicles and weapons, and there’s also the chance that as the game continues to be balanced ahead of the full launch, some weapons that are currently care package only could find their way into the map itself, as the competitive power of each weapon is analysed. 

We’ll have more information on PUBG’s future next week, with more information from Greene. 

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