Infinite Warfare patch takes care of snaking

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare fans are rejoicing today after a new patch for the game has gotten rid of the much-hated snaking.

Snaking is a term used to describe the practice where players of Infinity Ward’s shooter can drop in and out of prone very quickly, which was dominating the pro-scene and causing serious annoyance as it made players remarkably difficult to hit while offering very few negatives to the person dancing around on the floor.It’s been anathema to the pro scene and players have been calling loudly for it to be taken care of for the past several months.

The patch today addresses that, with the brief patch notes adding the relatively benign line: “Fixed an animation issue where rapidly moving between prone and crouch stance wasn’t updating the character model state at the correct rate (snaking)”

The patch also adds a significant change to weapon’s Payloads. Players will no longer be able to charge their payload by planting or defusing bombs in the game’s Search and Destroy mode, which will make it significantly harder to fill your Payload in S&D.

Now that snaking has been taken care of, it’ll be interesting to see how the meta adapts in the near future.

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