Lawbreakers devs tease new character announcement at The Game Awards

Cliff Bleszinski and his Boss Key team have been teasing a Lawbreakers announcement that is coming at The Game Awards. 

Over the past week the Lawbreakers Twitter account has been teasing an announcement coming at The Game Awards tomorrow, but it also tweeted a pair of images showing what looks to be a new character class along with “The Game Awards 2016 12.1.2016”. 

The images feature partially visible characters, wielding a gun. One has some kind of spikes coming out of the side of his head while the other appears to have some kind of ring around his eyes. 

When a fan asked Cliff if these are a new character he replied with “Maybe. :)” 

One of the characters in the image does look very similar to work in progress class that I saw when I visited the studio earlier in the year. The character with the spikes is almost identical to what I was shown, and I was told that the spikes are a play on devil horns. At the time he also had a long coat, not too dissimilar to what can be seen in the teaser image. 

His adversary on the law side of things was set to have some kind of halo, which could be what is surrounding the other character’s eyeline in the picture, and at the time they were considering playing around with some kind of cosmetic wings. However looking at the image that may have been cut. 

Make sure to watch The Game Awards tomorrow night to see the reveal of the new class, Michael Phelps is going to be there to hand out an award. Exciting times. 

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