Leaked listing suggests Modern Warfare Remastered coming in July

A listing on video game rental site GameFly has suggested that a standalone version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare could be in the works.

The listing, which was quickly removed, was captured by Call of Duty info site Charlie Intel, revealing that the remake will be available on GameFly starting July 20. With this in mind, it’s not a totally unfair assumption that the game will arrive on platforms at a similar time.

The only real surprise here is how long the standalone release has taken. Many assumed it would release soon after Infinite Warfare. For fans of the series, this remaster of the 2007 classic is a must-buy, although PC fans looking to relive the glory days of Promod and dedicated servers might find the PC port to be somewhat lacking.

There’s no guarentee on whether or not this is the real deal or an administrative cock-up from Gamefly, but we’ve reached out to Activision for comment.

Activision then proceeded to sell map packs for $15 and add microtransaction loot crates to the mix.

Currently, you can only get Modern Warfare Remastered as part of the Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition for £59.99, so a cheaper standalone addition could be just the ticket for those clamouring to party like it’s 2007.

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