Official Chinese Hearthstone website leaks next expansion

Hearthstone’s latest expansion is just a month away, and until now it’s been kept in relative secrecy. Nothing lasts forever though, and the Chinese Hearthstone site has leaked assets which reveal a bit of information about what we can expect from the expansion, thematically.

These images appeared on the official Chinese Hearthstone website, which is run by partner company NetEase, and as a result these assets are very much the real deal. They’ve all now been removed from the website, but it’s the internet so they’ve already been saved and mirrored.

The above image is in Chinese, but the text reads ‘Knights of the Frozen Throne’, referring presumably to the famous area in the Warcraft universe, and the Warcraft 3 expansion centring on it. There’s no guarantee that the translated name will be the official English-speaking name of the expansion, however it does have a nice ring to it.

The Frozen Throne area was big in both Warcraft 3, but also World of Warcraft Wraith of the Lich King expansion. Fan speculation and rumours have hinted at a Lich King based expansion for a little while, however fans are now turning their minds towards other questions, like: will the Death Knight be playable?

It’s very unlikely that we’ll see a new class added to Hearthstone, because it would be a monumentally huge balancing act as they tried to fit a new character into the meta while also giving him plenty of cards that make playing the class a unique experience. However, with single player content due to run with the expansion, potentially there will be a chance to play the role of one during a single player adventure, or at the very least batter one.

If not, perhaps we’ll get a card featuring a Death Knight.

Basically, the fans want Death Knight, and it’s time to make it happen Blizzard. We can find out if that’s the case, in addition to any other speculation, when the expansion is unveiled tomorrow from the Hearthstone Spring Championship in Shanghai.

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