Overwatch beta returns with eSports-friendly options

The Overwatch beta returned from winter hibernation this week, boasting a new progression system, and a look at how competitive games will be established.

The custom games mode, replacing private games to better communicate the aim of the tool, allows players and tournament organisers to create their own rulesets and invite teams to play against each other.

As Jeff Kaplan, Blizzard’s game director on Overwatch, explained in the Developer Insights video that accompanied the beta’s return, this should allow players to determine what competitive play will look like.

ESL has already taken advantage of the new system to create the first 6on6 Community Cup since the hiatus, set for this Sunday for European teams.

Though the current ruleset only expands to “one hero per team”, it also allows the disabling of cosmetic items – which also made an appearance in the new beta – or vetos of specific maps.

The Control game mode, which was introduced with two maps Lijiang Tower and Nepal, will be available in the ESL rotation, and allows for more fluid Attack and Defend roles as a King of the Hill-style objective.

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