Overwatch introduces customisable crosshairs, changes to loot boxes and highlights

A new Overwatch patch in the Private Test Realm (PTR) has unveiled changes to Loot Boxes and highlights, in addition to the long awaited ability to customise player crosshairs. 

The customisation option runs deep, with players able to customise crosshairs for each individual hero, meaning you can set Soldier76 up to tap fire, but keep Mei’s nice and open for maximum freeze. 

Then, players can choose between five different crosshairs before adjusting colour, thickness, bloom, width, opacity, center gap and all sorts of other options. This is a good sign for the professional community, especially when you consider that nearly every Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro player has their own crosshair style. 

These controls can be found on the PTR under Options/Controls/Advanced/Reticule. Hopefully we’ll see it squirm its way into the main game in a patch soon.

Meanwhile, Loot Boxes are being changed to offer less duplicates, with players given more credits when a duplicate does appear. 

Here’s Jeff Kaplan — from the Overwatch Team — to talk through the changes to highlights, which is complex and best explained by the man himself, and an explanation of the new loot system. 

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