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Hearthstone on smartphones will cross-play with PC and tablets

The smartphone version of Hearthstone, due out this month, will not segment players from the existing user base. The game’s lead designer Eric Dodds confirmed to GameSpot that whenever users partake in multiplayer they could be facing off with someone on any platform. “It will be your exact same account, …

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Mad Catz building Street Fighter V FightSticks, FightPads

Capcom has again teamed up with peripheral maker Mad Catz to produce new licensed FightSticks and FightPads for the latest in the Street Fighter Series. According to the companies, the new line of arcade-style input devices will arrive in time for Street Fighter V’s spring 2016 launch on PC and …

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League of Legends to reward ‘friendly’ players with bonus Influence Points

League of Legends is taking steps against hostility in its community by encouraging players to work together. For the next two weeks, League players will be given the chance to earn bonus Influence Points, one of the MOBA’s in-game currencies, for entering games with pre-made parties of friends both new …

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Valve issues gambling warning to Counter Strike players

“A high standard of professional integrity” – that’s what Valve is demanding of professional Counter Strike players. The warning comes following a number of high profile betting controversies surrounding the game, including last month’s damaging match fixing claims. “Professional players, teams, and anyone involved in the production of CS:GO events, …

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