PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds adds VSS Vintorez, creator PlayerUnknown plans new weapon each month

Survive-em-up PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has revealed a new weapon: Russian-made sniper rifle the VSS Vintorez.

The Vintorez will shake up the game, as a sniper rifle that comes with both a scope and a suppressor as standard, meaning the act of ‘building’ a sniper rifle out of different attachments is no longer a necessity for teams looking to reach out and pop heads at long distance. However, the Vintorez suffers from being a small caliber weapon that, curiously for a sniper rifle, will be incredibly hard to hit targets with at extreme ranges due to the bullet drop.

This is the second monthly update and the second added weapon, third if you count the return of the Crossbow. Speaking to Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene himself earlier in the month he said that they are planning to add a new weapon “every month”.

“During Early Access our plan is to polish off the game we have,” Said Greene. “We’ll be adding some new weapons every month, at least a new weapon every month, we have a new vehicle coming in, the motorbike is in, and then we’ll add lots of other small content things.”

“Our focus during early access is polishing the game and then beyond early access our ultimate goal here is to provide a great platform for both modding and any possible Esport that may develop out of it. But during early access, these kind of things, we want to sort of do more research before pursuing them, but at the end of the day it’s providing a great platform for game modes. That’s my aim here.”

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