Riot teases Dark Star League of Legends game mode

A new League of Legends trailer has emerged on several Riot social media feeds, teasing a Dark Star-themed game mode for League of Legends.

It’s expected that this new mode could show up in Patch 7.9, which is expected shortly. As two heroes have already been released in Patch 7.8, it seems likely that the Dark Star mode will be a large focus of Patch 7.9.

The teaser doesn’t show a great deal, but does reveal what appears to be an emphasis on knockback and movement or, at the very least, that players should have a healthy distaste for getting tossed into the pulsing purple energy sphere. You can see it hosted on a mirror, here

This tease comes after Thresh got a legendary skin themed around the Dark Star in 2016, and it reveals new skins for Orianna and Kha’Zix. The trailer first appeared on League of Legends Italy’s Facebook page, with the caption ‘Surrender to Infinity’ before popping up on several other Riot Games social feeds.

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