Riot to make League of Legends runes and masteries free

Riot Games have announced that they are overhauling the runes and masteries system within League of Legends and will make them all free.

Despite doing very similar things, giving small buffs to champions depending on which are selected, the two systems have been in League for years. If players want to unlock the best runes and masteries they must use the in game currency to do so. This has created a complex system that is difficult for newcomers to understand.

In a Riot Pls video, where developers give updates on the game and answer fan queries, the team gave a brief overview of the new system. Runes Reforged will combine the two systems into one, giving bigger and more impactful buffs.

But the biggest change is that they will all be free, for every champion, meaning players no longer have to grind to get buffs to their champions.

The change is set to come into League of Legends when the pre season starts in November this year.

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