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Gamesaid raises £4,000 at MCV Awards

Guests and sponsors of this year’s MCV Awards have contributed over 4,000 to the games industry charity.

The annual Gamesaid Tenner initiative saw monies raised via online and on the night from all corners of the business.

Gamesaid is the industry charity, which shares out its funds at the end of year to a collection of youth-targeted charities, as voted by Gamesaid members.

It is free to become a Gamesaid member and you can join up here http://www.gamesaid.org/register.php.

"The MCV Awards are a celebration of everything that is good about the UK games industry, whilstGamesaid is an everyman charity that allows participation at all levels, so we’re delighted that the two came together so well to raise this money," said MCV editor Michael French.

"MCV and Gamesaid would like to thank everyone who donated. It is a great cause and hugely appreciated."

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