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GamesDoneQuick prepares impromptu charity stream for Hurricane Harvey

Charity livestreaming outfit GamesDoneQuick, a several day long stream of speedrunners that solicits donations, is planning an impromptu stream to raise money for Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

GamesDoneQuick is best known for its twice yearly streams, AwesomeGamesDoneQuick (AGDQ) and SummerGamesDoneQuick (SGDQ), week long events that raise a bundle for charity. They’re planning this impromptu stream to take place for 48 hours from September 1 at 7pm CT. GDQ are currently asking speedrunners to sign up to be involved.

Considering SGDQ 2017 raised $1.75 million for charity, the stream, entitled Harvey Relief Done Quick, could be a boon to charities in the area. This stream will be taking place remotely, with runners expected to use the GamesDoneQuick discord to provide commentary during their run.

A schedule will be released shortly.


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